The Change Committee Has Spoken

Earlier this year, QSROnline established a Change Management Committee, comprised of representatives from each department. The committee reviews all customer suggestions for software enhancements and selects a few of those suggestions that will benefit all customers to push to development. The following suggested enhancements have been selected and added to our system for your use.

Can making adjustments to the schedule really make a difference? The answer is YES! We are here to make labor costs go down and improve efficiency.

– Employee weekly totals available in Timeline View and Spreadsheet View.
– Show Day Totals – the current day viewed below is highlighted in yellow.  Shows day total for sales projections, total scheduled hours, scheduled labor dollars and percentage and labor hours scheduled vs labor hours allowed (and the variance between the two).
– Show Day Part Totals – group scheduled vs allowed to show variance by day part.
– View Hourly Metrics for labor percentage and sales/labor hour.

If you do not see the features listed above in the Client, please run a Client Update.

Communication between managers and employees has never been easier…

– Power to approve/reject time off requests with the touch of your finger.
– Instantly approve or reject time off requests.
– Employees get instant notifications on their handheld device.
– Block request days off.
– See requests up to 1 yr in advance by clicking the “All Requests Button”.
– Sort requests off by date or by an employee.

– Manage your schedule.
– See other employee shifts and make a request to trade.
– Multiple employees can request a posted shift.
– Notify employees you want to work.