The 5 Best Blogs to Follow About Food Cost

The 5 Best Blogs to Follow About Food Cost

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. That’s right, I’m talking about your restaurant’s food cost. A commonality amongst all restaurants, regardless of size or concept, is their battle with food cost, which accounts for the largest expense in restaurant operations. Restaurant owners often cringe at the thought of managing food cost, which is why we’ve rounded up the top 5 blogs to follow for food cost management.

Below are the 5 best restaurant blogs that aren’t afraid to take the food cost battle head on. Be sure to follow them for viable food cost tips, tricks, and advice.

1. Food Cost Wiz

Average weekly posts: 3

Food Cost Wiz is maintained by restaurant management expert Joseph Dunbar (or “Joe” to his blog followers), who has worked in the local food service industry for 30 years prior to being a consultant to food service operators. Topics focus on solutions to other cost concerns outside of food cost, including manpower and menus. Despite the site’s “beta look” and cluttered layout, the Food Cost Wiz blog tops out list due to Joe’s credibility and vast knowledge as a food cost guru and author. New blogs are shared frequently and cover every aspect of managing food cost in restaurants.

Recent blog posts: Waste Calculation in Food Cost, Food Cost Basics, Basic Food Cost Analysis

2. O’Dell Restaurant Consulting’s Blog

Average weekly posts: 1 (last post dated March 24, 2015)

When searching for food cost blogs via Google, this O’Dell’s blog appears first. Owned by restaurant consultant Brandon O’Dell, who began investing his time in and managed food businesses during  his teen years, the blog also serves as a source for the latest restaurant news. Its articles cover everything from marketing to food quality and finance solutions for restaurateurs. The blog is popular among searchers but lands at the bottom of our list because it lacks consistency with post.

Recent blog posts: 20 steps to lowering your food or liquor costs, Pricing food – Why you’re doing it wrong and how to fix it

3. RocketScience

Average weekly posts: undetermined

RocketScience Hospitality created a user-friendly restaurant management software product for cash management, labor and staffing control, managing cost of sales and suppliers and producing reports. Currently, there are 40+ blog entries posted that concentrate mainly on food cost, franchising and the latest tools for owners and managers to use for their hotel and restaurant business. The site layout is very simple, and each blog entry includes social sharing options.

Recent blog posts: 10 Rules To Improve Food Costs, Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Food Cost

4. QSROnline

Average weekly posts: 1

We couldn’t leave ourselves off of the list, right? QSROnline has been around for more than a decade, and as a part of our commitment to our clients, we regularly post blogs that offer various tips regarding food cost, the latest technology, and improving your workforce. We do our best to provide a steady flow of valuable information to our readers, but we need to improve on our posting regularity.

Recent blog posts: Why Is My Food Cost So High?, The Rising Cost of Food: Just How Much Has It Risen?

5. SimpleOrder

Average weekly posts: 2

SimpleOrder developed a software program for supplier management for better business relationships, less costs and increase sales. Its articles are helpful in dealing with food and labor costs and informing the public about National Restaurant Association events. However, the site is not updated on a regular basis, leading to a lack in fresh, trending content.

Recent blog posts: Restaurant Management Tips: Control Cost of Food & Labor, Prime Cost: Food & Labor Cost Percentages

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