Reintroducing the QSROnline Affiliate Program.


Do you know someone who owns a restaurant? Then you know someone who can benefit from QSROnline’s services. We offer various services, including inventory management and data automation, to help increase profits and save restaurant operators time so they can focus on running their restaurant.

We’ve recently redesigned our Affiliate Program to payout bigger and better than ever before.

Starting now, you not only receive 20% revenue for the 1st year for your referrals, you will now also receive 20% on any additional locations that your referral adds over their lifetime as a QSROnline customer!

You can earn commissions for all referrals – regardless of which QSROnline services referrals receive. So long as the person you referred is a paying QSROnline customer, you’ll receive 20% of QSROnline’s monthly revenue for one full year.

It’s completely free to enroll and easy to enroll, so you can signup today and start earning right away!

What Will I Earn?

As an Affiliate, you’ll receive lifetime commissions for the customers you refer. There are no caps or limitations on commission amounts. You earn as much as you refer.

Let’s say you refer a 10 unit customer who signs up for QSROnline’s full services…you’ll receive $3600 over the course of one year! If that referred customer grows and opens new stores later on, you’ll also receive equal commissions for those new stores for one year!


  • Refer a customer with 5 stores, you earn $1800
  • Refer a customer with 20 stores, you earn $7200

There are no requirements on the company size of referrals. You can refer restaurants with 1 store to restaurants with 1000 stores. Just keep in mind that QSROnline is limited on the number of new customers we can onboard each month.

A Lifetime of Benefits

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this Affiliate Program is that Affiliates are linked to their referrals forever. This means that you grow with your referrals. When your referrals expand their businesses or open new stores, you’ll receive commissions for any new stores that receive QSROnline’s services regardless of their time of sign up.

For example, if you refer a customer with 5 stores in January, you’ll receive 20% of QSROnline’s revenue for those 5 stores for the next twelve months. If that same referred customer opens 2 new stores six months, or six years, after sign up, you’ll receive commissions for the two new stores for the twelve months preceding their sign on date with QSROnline.

Fun Fact: According to our customer analysis, 35% of our customer base adds at least one new store location each year.

How Does it Work?

The program is simple and can be summed up in three easy steps.

1) Enroll as a QSROnline Affiliate.
2) Submit the Referral Form for each customer you refer to QSROnline.
3) Get Paid! Receive 20% of QSROnline’s revenue for every referred customer for one year.

We wanted to make this program not only beneficial to Affiliates and the customers they refer, but also simple and easy to follow:

One Enrollment form. One Referral form. One Affiliate per Referral. One great residual payout plan.

Affiliates can enroll as an individual or as a company. Commission checks paid to Affiliates enrolled as individuals will be addressed to the individual. Commission checks paid to Company Affiliates will be addressed to the company and can be dispersed however the company deems fit.

For complete details, terms and conditions, and all legalities that lie there within, refer to our Affiliate Page.

Questions? Contact our Marketing Department via or 877-334-6640.

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Alexis Hesseltine

Alexis Hesseltine

Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator at
Alexis is the Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator at QSROnline. She’s responsible for content strategy, obtaining partnerships with industry leaders, and offering restaurateurs an excellent back-office system. Her passions are helping restaurants succeed and spending time with her French Bulldog, Winnie.
Alexis Hesseltine