How do Texans really feel about the new Open Carry law?

The new Open Carry law in Texas went in effect at midnight on Jan 1st, 2016. This new law allows for licensed firearms owners in the Lone Star State to openly carry their handguns in public. Texas already allows openly carrying shotguns and rifles, but handguns have been banned from being visible since just after the United States Civil War.

We surveyed 500 Texans on how they felt about visiting restaurants that allow open carry. Here are the results:


42.8% said YES to being comfortable visiting a restaurant that allows open carry.

40.3% said NO to open carry handguns in ANY restaurant.

16.8% said NO to the open carry of handguns in restaurants if they serve ALCOHOL.

So nearly 60% of all of Texas restaurant patrons will think twice before visiting restaurants in that serve alcohol and allow open carry.

Women also are nearly twice as likely as Men to avoid restaurants that serve alcohol and allow open carry.

Note: Private business owners can forbid openly carried guns on their premises by posting a “30.07” sign, which refers to section 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code entitled, “Trespass By License Holder With An Openly Carried Handgun.”

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