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Austin, TX

A local food truck is causing a stir by not incorporating a pun in it’s business name. Chad’s sushi is a pun-less operation in Austin, the first of it’s kind and the only food truck without a cute play on words in a fifty-mile radius. When asked if “Chad” was meant to be ironic, owner and operator Chad Aller, 32, responded, “No. That’s just my name. People ask me if my name is really Chad. Yes. Yes, it is.”

Located in between “Barb-B-Brew” and “Thai-love-the 80’s”, Chad’s Sushi is serving up inauthentic sushi at a very expensive price. “People said, you’re going to need to call it something quirky. Nobody goes to a food truck unless it has a good pun. We passed on a lot of names: Woking on Sunshine, O-Fish-Al Sushi, Rice Guys Fin-Fish Last, Wassup-B Sushi, Sue’s-shi (Sue is my wife), Roll Out, a food truck where Ludacris’ “Roll Out” plays 24/7.” Chad went on for the next twenty minutes. In the end, Chad Aller kept it simple, and decided to serve the Japanese style faire under his Welsh given name.

"Nobody goes to a food truck unless it has a good pun."

A quick google search revealed that Chad’s Sushi is the only Chad’s Sushi in all of America, which may or may not help his cause. A quick poll among our readers revealed that “Chad” is the least preferred name for a sushi chef, right behind “Derek”, “Rod”, and “Big Mike.” Studies have shown that customers feel better when their sushi is prepared by a person of Japanese descent. Preferred sushi chef names include, “Jiro, Haruto, and Big Mike.”

In it’s short existence, Chad’s Sushi has been facing resistance from the local culinary community, “Everyone thinks I’m trying to make a statement. I’m not. I’m just a guy named Chad that likes to make sushi. Customers say, ‘You’re so brave.’ I’ve received death threats from Trouble Brewing Co. and Pretty, Pretty Pizza. I don’t eally know what’s happening.” In the end, Chad is hoping that his food will speak for itself. “Business has been bad, yeah. I think people are confused by our straight-forward, authentic approach to sushi,” said the former West Virginia native and suburban school teacher turned sushi chef.

Danny Palumbo

Danny Palumbo

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