Invoke The Spirit of The Holidays Inside Your Restaurant

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for many restaurants that means festive holiday decor. To help get you into that magical decorating mode, we’ve selected 5 examples of festively decorated restaurants that are sure to turn your restaurant into a holiday experience.

We were collecting merry examples of holiday decorating ideas, and what type of Christmas cookies were the best. After a long debate, and too many holiday cookies, we now present our selections of the 5 most creative restaurant decorating ideas for the holidays.

Enjoy…and let us know what you think!

Club Lucky, Chicago

This restaurant offers a decorative atmosphere depending on the area of the restaurant that you find yourself sitting in. For those looking for good food, good company and holiday cheer, be sure to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood so that you do not miss the chance to see the spectacle that everyone is talking about.


Pete’s Tavern, New York City

Pete’s Tavern is known as an official historical landmark. The holiday atmosphere is accentuated by lights that blanket the ceiling making you feel like you are in a magical place filled with holiday cheer and laughter.


Walnut Room, Chicago

The Walnut Room is famously known as a Chicago holiday tradition.  It was also  the first restaurant to ever open in a department store. Refined, exquisite and yet, grand decorations are the hallmark for this restaurant. The dining experience leaves you enthralled.


Rolf’s German Restaurant, New York City

Is there such a thing as too much holiday cheer?  This restaurant is well known for their next level decorations that are only laid to rest 6 month out of the year, yet the spirit of the holidays stays with you even when they have long passed.


Colicchio and Sons, New York City (temporarily closed)

For those with a love of rock-n-roll and holiday cheer, this was the spot to be.  Deck the halls with inspiration from Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”.


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