Just Released: Additional Notifications and Features for the Scheduling and Managing Apps


For many of us, life can be time-consuming. Through all of the hustle and bustle, it’s nice to know that we can control some things and communicate with a simple tap or swipe of a finger. Technology plays a very big part in our everyday lives. We rely on it for the simplest of things, and also for professional use. So what is a mobile device without its apps?

At QSROnline we welcome feedback and when suggestions are presented to us, we listen! That is why we are excited to announce the newest updates for our Managing and Scheduling mobile apps!

Here are some of the fresh features:

· Block Request off day: Prohibit employees from requesting off on selected dates.

· New Push Notifications: Receive updates when a request off or shift trade is submitted for approval.

· Request to Work: sends a push notification to co-workers with availability to pick up a shift.  

· Change in posted schedule.

· Other’s schedules: new push notification when there are changes to schedules.

QSROnline continues to evolve and we are always eager to hear what our customers would like to see from us next.

Stay tuned! More updates will be coming down the road!