Don’t Forget to Track Your Menu Items

Don't Forget to Track Your Menu Items

Tracking and understanding the performance of your menu items is an essential measure used for enhancing profits.

Identifying the top selling menu items allows restaurant managers and operators to promote popular dishes, if not previously doing so. It is important, though, to note the difference between which items sell the most frequently versus those items that earn the most money.

For example, your restaurant may sell 100 orders of chips and salsa appetizers for $3.50 each and only 50 orders of the new bacon burger meals at $12.50 each. Though you are selling twice as many chips and salsa appetizers as you are bacon burgers, the bacon burgers are earning more than three and a half times as much as the appetizers. Which one are you going to advertise to your customers? The bacon burgers, of course! That is, if you care anything about bringing in the big bucks.

Monitoring menu item popularity and purchase counts can be an extensive process if completed manually using a pen and paper or spreadsheets. QSROnline simplifies this process with our Menu Costing Software, detailing total sales for each menu item. Keep track of limited time offers, seasonal items, or perhaps the success of a new dessert. The QSROnline Menu Costing feature is just one of our food cost control methods. We also offer a complete Food Cost Software system that includes recipe costing, variance food cost analysis, comparison reporting, and much much more.

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