Case Study: Wolf Dairy Queen

Wolf Dairy Queen (previously Anderson Dairy Queen) is a heritage Dairy Queen Franchisee. Walter Anderson opened the first store in 1948 in Kermit, TX. He then expanded to Monahans and then Pecos. His sons, Perry and Larry, took over the business in about 1990, and then they bought the Odessa, TX Dairy Queens, bringing the total to 7 stores in West Texas. Perry bought Larry out in 1995 and ran the business until 2015, owning the highest volume stores in the state of Texas. In March of 2015, Roland Wolf and his wife April bought out the business and began Wolf Dairy Queen. Wolf Dairy Queen has over 350 years of experience between the 7 stores, supervisors and owners. That makes for a HOWLING successful company.

Prior to using QSROnline, what goals did you have in place for your business?

Susan Anderson (SA): Charting sales growth month-to-month and year-to-year, lowering food cost, lowering labor cost, and charting day-part sales.

What challenges did you face when trying to reach those goals?

SA: We lacked the ability to get information from our multiple stores on a daily basis.

How did you hear about QSROnline?

SA: QSROnline came to us by way of Texas Dairy Queens as a polling partner for Texas Dairy Queen Operating Committee (TDQOC). Mirus had been the polling partner for TDQOC. The Mirus reports were hard to follow and utilize, whereas QSROnline’s reports have been straightforward and easy to use.

Why did you choose QSROnline as a solution for your business?

SA: QSROnline is a one-stop-shop so to speak. We get the reports we need in a timely fashion every morning, so we can plot our goals for the day, week, store, etc.

What are your favorite QSROnline features and why?

SA: QSROnline’s Reports: Unit Comparison Reports- Sales (check averages and day-part sales) and Labor (scheduled vs actual labor used). Sales Trend Reports – The Top 10 Menu Items, as well as the the special menu items we are tracking.  Period-to-Date Report – Gives us sales and labor totals for projections (for individual store reporting).  DQ Daily Consolidated Report – Provides for day, month, and year totals.

QSROnline’s Scheduler: We love that both dollars and percentages for the day are incorporated into the Scheduler. It makes adjustments quick and easy. The total hours and positions for each employee are outlined, so overtime is always avoided.

What immediate solution did QSROnline provide you with?

SA: QSROnline gave us the detailed reports we needed in a timely fashion with easy to read, accurate data.

What long-term solution has QSROnline provided you with?

SA: QSROnline is reliable and professional. They get us the information we need, and it is always available to us.

What goals has QSROnline helped you achieve?

SA: We’ve been able to increase sales in specific day-parts by utilizing Point of Presence in the stores and on reader boards to draw traffic. Labor management has improved because it is truly easy to see which store is out of line and why by reviewing schedules.

 About Susan Anderson:

Susan Anderson is currently the Director of Operations for Wolf Dairy Queen. She oversees 2 $2 million plus stores and 5 $1 million plus stores. This April she will be celebrating 40 years of operational experience.

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