3 New Inventive Ways for Restaurants to Advertise

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Brand awareness is largely reliant on your restaurant’s ability to market and advertise appropriately. Unfortunately, the market continually evolves, and your customers are ever-changing as well, so advertising tactics that you’ve used in years past may now be ineffective in garnering the traction you need to make the most of your marketing budget. In fact, the most effective advertising campaigns focus on a mixture of traditional methods like word-of-mouth and The Yellow Pages with new and inventive methods.

Restaurants need to tap into modern methods to reach customers while putting new, inventive spins on different strategies. Set yourself apart from the competition, and try out these 3 new, inventive ways to advertise in the restaurant industry.

1. Enlist Local Food Bloggers

Perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge into the world of social media. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on one of the most critical ways to connect with new customers. Think about it: Paper advertising is quickly becoming obsolete, and anything you advertise on paper can be advertised in a cheaper, more highly trafficked manner online. But internet advertising is becoming a staple to many marketing campaigns, so take yours a step further by enlisting one of the most influential partners for restaurants online: local food bloggers.

Food bloggers know the ins-and-outs of navigating social media, and they know how to make or break a restaurant with the snap of a picture and the review of a meal. Enlist these gurus to be on your team, and they become savvy, trendy, humanized advertisements for your restaurant. Invite them to dine at your place, and make an effort to befriend these walking, talking marketers.

2. Give Your Graphics a Fresh Look

Advertising can sometimes boil down to whether or not your ads catch the eyes of potential customers. Old, outdated banners and billboards can easily be ignored, but throwing a new, trendy spin on your graphics can make people look twice.

Consider what works well on mobile devices and what types of graphics work best with which social media platforms. Instagram demands that restaurants advertise with their product through captivating images, for instance. Commercials and TV ads are still effective, but try to craft videos that resonate emotionally, for instance, and have the potential to go viral. Remember your target market during the ad creation process, and understand that each type of ad demands up-to-date graphics that are pertinent to the audience that sees them.

3. Create Symbiotic Partnerships

Take a look at what’s around your restaurant locally. Are there any businesses that you could partner up with for a mutually-beneficial relationship? Say you have 1,000 fans on Facebook, but the grocery store beside you who has been around for much longer has 10,000 fans. Take time to make friends with the owner to see if you can cross-promote to benefit both businesses.

Utilizing new techniques for reaching your customers can help your restaurant stay fresh in the advertising market, giving consumers more reasons to try your restaurant for the first time or give your restaurant another try. The more you reach consumers and the more often they interact with your restaurant, the more likely they are to become a loyal patron in the long-run.

April G.

April G.

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April G.